Video Mini-Shoot Special!

Are you ready to come out from hiding? 

Help Your Clients Find You? Attract More Customers?


Are you ready to tell your potential customers who you are and how you can help them? Are you ready to get more customer? Are you ready to dip your toes into creating video content?  Then our Fall Mini-Shoot Special could be for you!

We know the idea of creating video content can at first seem overwhelming.  Lots of worries go through your mind.  “What do I say? I don’t think I look good on video What really is my story?  How do I find the time?” And more – we get it. Our mini-shoots are a great way to push through these distractions and come out from behind (your desk, your artwork, your store or your nerves ; ). Or whatever that might be holding you back from really attracting the clients you want.

The quick overview is you show up at The Hyatt Hotel, NYC.  And for 45-60 minutes, we sit down and have a conversation based on questions you’ve answered ahead of time.  Make-up touch-ups are included. There even might be a little Proseco involved. That’s pretty much it for your part.  You just be your awesome self. You might even say it was fun!  Well that’s what we’ve been told by lots of our clients.  Learn More.

There is a ton of data on engagement and retention and SEO but running after stats is exhausting.  What we want to do is help you get some content out there so you can attract more clients. Period. There are only 10 spots available  Book a call with Judith and we’ll see if the mini-shoot is for you!  Get more details here


Why You Need Video

Video is the best way to take your clients down the know, like and trust journey.


What You Will Get