Judith George, To Be Reel

I want to help you create the best video content you can for your business.  Budgets can be tight yet that doesn't need to stop you from producing your own video.  With a few tips and some hands on practice you can get your content out there at a fraction of the cost of hiring a production company!  This is where I can help you. Besides offering full video services - I offer one on one and group training on how to shoot your own video with your iPhone or a camera of your choice. Get your story out there!


I had a lot of video of my speaking engagements but I needed help creating a video that featured my best.  I sent all my clips to Judith and she was able to produce a video that not only told my story but highlighted the essence of the work I do and my values. 
  •  Are you an entrepreneur who wants to use video, but don’t know where to start?

  • Do you want to create professional looking video, but don’t have big production budgets?

  •  Do you want to create video content but don’t know where to start?