Bentley Ad Shot on iPhone 5 & 6s Plus! Behind the Scenes

Why do I feel giddy watching how they shot this Bentley ad on the iPhone 5 & iPhone 6s Plus? Because it looks awesome and look at all the toys to go with it.  Just to see what can be done on the iPhone is so inspirational to me.  Plus I always love "behind the scene" videos.  I love seeing the process. 

Do you have any favorite behind the scenes videos?  If so please share!

One of My Favorite Videos

I wanted to post an excerpt of one of my favorite videos that I produced.  My client had written the music especially for the video as well the letter to his son for his birthday.  I used some filters to make the footage look older in parts to vary it.  I love it because his son will have this visual letter forever. 

If you wanted to write a letter to someone - who would it be?

P.S.  We're running a montage special for the month of July. 

When You are Your Video Crew

As an entrepreneur, more than often - well a lot more than often - you have to be your own everything to get the job done.  The stress and stakes are that much higher when you're on a deadline.  And let's add - that you're shooting a how-to video.  And oh yeah - you are the crew so that means you're the director, the talent, the sound guy, caterer, stage manager and so on.

You're excited that you have got everything together.  You're ready.  You have your makeup done and you have the right clothing. (more on that in another blog)  You're in front of the camera - Go!  WAIT!  Hold up!   Before you press record - check your background.  You can do this by taking a picture of exactly what the camera is seeing.  If you can do a timer shot with you in it all the better.   If not - take it with your favorite pillow stand-in.  Now look at the image carefully for any distracting elements.  Do you see: 

1. A plant growing out of your ear.

2. A photo on the wall of your family that pulls the focus off of you

3. Do you see hooks on the wall now that you removed that photo

4. What about an extension cord coming out of the side of the wall

5. Are there papers on a coffee table you didn't realize would be in the shot

These are just a few things that could pull focus.  This simple step can make the difference between an amateur looking video from a polished version.  And it really just takes a couple extra minutes to make sure it looks right.  A couple extra worthwhile minutes. 

If you're working on your video shoot and would like some extra tips give me a call.  Judith at 212-427-1946  or email me


Zoom With Your Feet - iPhone Tip #2

Ok - here's another one of those "Must Know" tips I feel.   Don't zoom in on your subject with your iPhone when shooting video.  Resist this natural urge.  The reason is that the iPhone lens isn't zooming optically - it's zooming digitally so all you're doing is making the picture larger and that means pixelating the image.  Yuck.  Do old school and move in with your feet.  That's really the only way to keep the integrity and quality of the image.  Unless you move into using lens like the Olloclip lens which I haven't tried yet.  On a Side note:  There was a rumor article that the updated iPhone 6 will have a real optical image zoom.  We'll see. 

Always Shoot Horizontal Video - IPhone Tip# 1

Always Shoot HORIZONTAL Video.  This is crucial - really crucial!  We live in a HD 16 x 9 world so your video needs to do the same.   You want your video to look professional right?  So stop the vertical shooting habit.  Yes - the video looks fine on your friend's iPhone but this is what it's going to look like on Youtube, Vimeo etc...

 Image from Evil Window Dog

Image from Evil Window Dog

You don't want those black bars - Yikes!   You want the image to take up the whole landscape in a 16 x 9 screen.  Because that is what everyone is watching these days.  Gone are the 4 x 3 standard definition television ways of the world.

 This is so much better....

This is so much better....

You say "but I want to see the whole body shot."  Well step back and compose a shot. It might not be as tight as you want -but it won't have those hideous black bars.  And you really only need the full image as an establishing shot.    But DON'T Zoom.   More about that in a later post.

Shooting Video with Your iPhone

Video production can be really expensive.  But we all know that we need to be creating videos that help spread our message.  Recently I held a Webinar titled "Tips & Tricks for Shooting Video with Your iPhone. "   It's exciting how much better the video quality has become on the iPhone.  Great quality video can be captured if you just do a couple extra things.  I got really excited about the idea after I had edited video for a client that she had shot on her iPhone.  The quality was great but there were a few things I suggested for her to do for the next time she shoots video.  The main takeaway for me while working on this project was that the doors have really opened for entrepreneurs to create video content on their own. 

Making a Change

For a long time I had a blog over at and thought it would be used for business but it really became more of a personal blog.  I would post my Judith Moments for fun and some thoughts on comedy.   I want to post on video tips and other video related materials for small biz and that site is more a thought blog for me so I've decided to start fresh.  I'm going to make this my home for all things video.  I hope you will find this blog useful.