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  • Promos & Speaker Reels

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A little about me.....

I was the Sr. On-line video producer at Martha Stewart for 8 years where I oversaw editing of The Martha Stewart Show for the web as well as collaborating with the departments at Martha Stewart. It was a great experience to be immersed in so much beauty that I know has influenced  my work.  I love the storytelling part of my job.  Everyone has a story inside them that wants to be told.  I believe we're all here for a reason so why not get that reason out there into the world.  I dare you to say you don't have one!  Let's talk then - give me ten minutes and I'll know what it is.  This I guarantee.  Just as I guarantee the work I produce.  

It's a simple process.  We get together and you'll show me some of your images and/or videos  and we talk about what you want your video/montage to say to your friends your audience. You can provide music or I can.  I'll have a few more questions for you then it's take-off!!   

I've been working in the digital world for the past 15 years.  I started with Show and Tell Productions as it was beginning it's successful venture into Digital Signs, Video and  presentation.  The first major client was ABC and its Super Sign in Times Square.  That was a super : ) exciting project.  At Show and Tell we worked closely with NBC, CBS, Toys R Us as well as smaller agencies. 

I'm really excited to be working with you and your projects.  This is going to be fun!