Time just flies on by.  babies are toddlers in a blink of an eye. Many families don’t live in the same city (or even country.) How can we share what is happening in our lives? Photos can work but Video can really fill that gap by hearing the laughs, the conversations - the real life moments. We can help you with this and shoot these special events or guide you how to do it yourself and start to build your living memories.  

Give us a call 212-427-1946 or email judith@tobereel.com.  


I had a lot of video of my speaking engagements but I needed help creating a video that featured my best.  I sent all my clips to Judith and she was able to produce a video that not only told my story but highlighted the essence of the work I do and my values. 
  •  Capture you baby's first year - starting with month 1.

  • Want to send a special video to your Grandmother for her birthday?

  • We can shoot for you or hand off your video to us and let us do the magic for you.