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Our Mission:

To tell your story

We Help you take charge of your video visibility. Let your potential clients know, like and trust you.



What We Do

We want people to see you, hear you and get to know your story. Right now people are searching for services just like yours. But just haven’t met you yet. How are you going to reach them? Introduce yourself and let them see what makes you different? How are you going to break through all the noise out there? An About You story is the easiest way to break through and reach your clients.



Video Montages


Video Shoots & editing


Promo & Speaker Reels


What We Know

We know you have a story to tell about you, your product or your service.  If you’re on this site you’re thinking about having a video or two created.  Good choice ; )  Because stats show that video on a landing page of a website increases conversion by 80% or more.  Who doesn’t want that? 



Statistic one

81% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads.


Statistic two

94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.


Our Process

Step 1: 

Sit down or Skype meeting to determine objective, target audience, scope etc.  

Step 2:

Proposal crafted and approved


Step 3: 

Approval of storyboard, script and variables

Step 4: 

Shoot day on location with high end equipment

Step 5:

Review & Revise

  • Review - First rough draft of 2 revisions sent to client.  

  • Revised -  Second of 2 revisions sent to client

Final Delivery with revisions and refined elements (color & audio corrections etc) in formats requested